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Why Willy Paul will sleep a sad man tonight.

Jays bubble has gotten a special liking for Groove awards,why? Let me take you down memory lane

A few years back no one knew who willy Paul was up until we heard rumors that he was found bumping uglies with a certain Kenyan socialite called Pendo,  She (pendo) went on live radio and said that they met ,he hit on her and she was game, Of course  this story was her word against his.People forgave this and embraced him and went a step further by accepting him into the gospel community. If only they knew, willy Paul was on a roll, he beefed with the lady he had done a collabo with Gloria Muliro, then rumors that he was dating an underage girl, then it was she was pregnant and the list goes on and on, Up till the Bahati /willy Paul scandal. Bahati went on social media to say how Willy Paul was harassing him by going as far as stealing his songs after a lot of drama like willy Paul refusing to perform before Bahati does, baby tantrums mostly the beef was squashed.

Let’s move on to groove award nomination night 2016 where “willy,willy willy” *insert willy Paul voice, will be sleeping a sad man tonight as he was not nominated for any category.

This is probably the first time since he got his first ever nomination where he has not featured anywhere. That has to burn.Word on the street is, the reason behind this is they both, him and Bahati have not been living a Christian life.

Bahati did not show up for the nomination night at all, as for willy Paul, well he walked out of that building sad.

Why Jays bubble has given groove awards a special liking, going with the assumption that they were not nominated for not leading a good Christian life, then being an all gospel award show, one or two rumors from willy Paul would have been enough a couple is too much. Maybe now he will take the time to rethink his steps and pick a team.

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Guess which celebrities share a birthday.

Guess which three celebrities share a birthday. Jalango, Gospel singer Mercy Masika and Shix Kapienga,these three couldn’t be any different from each other, they received lots of birthday wishes from their friends. Here are a couple of the messages they received.

Happy birthday to them from Jays bubble.


Screenshot_2016-04-28-00-29-13Screenshot_2016-04-27-23-32-39 (1)


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Guess which Dj is tying the knot.

You have probably  heard of Dj Genius a famous Dj in standard media group, radio Maisha to be precise, well a few months ago he started dropping hints that he was going to tie the knot to long time girlfriend Jeanette wangari when he put up a photo on Instagram with the caption “pingu ya Maisha” .

That’s one way to put it. Well if your a lady and you had hopes kill them right now because he has asked his long time girlfriend to marry him and they have even started the arrangements. That and the girlfriend is no non sense judging from the photos below.



They are already traditionally married.All in all, we wish the two a happy married life. 🍻


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The one lesson you can learn from Huddah

The girl people love to hate has gone ahead and yet again shown people how less she could care about peoples opinions. Who am I talking about…. Huddah.

I just have to commend this babe on her self confidence, or if she’s faking it she’s doing a darn good job at it. A certain Kenyan based website wrote a not so good article about her and her response

Sitting here planning my summer….somewhere in Europe, Monte Carlo, the land of the wealthy sitting on a yatch in a bikini,sipping on some good champagne and enjoying the serenity….Who is with me on this? #2016summer. (Follow her and check it out on Ig)

That’s not all, every time she goes ahead to put a photo on Instagram there’s always that one person hating on her, people show no mercy when it comes to Huddah but that has never stopped her from posting photos or giving her opinions on matters, whether they are wrong or not.

On top of matters, she is now acting some Nollywood movie called #BrotherJekwu  (follow her on snap chat you’ll see her posting as they are shooting).

Lesson of the day people, don’t let anyone put you down, if Huddah can take it, so can you, I don’t think any other person in Kenya gets as much hate as this girl but she still be doing her thing.So what’s your reason for letting people step all over you? Just think What would Huddah do? Too much. This is one lesson people can get from her.

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Lets talk about Queen B… #Lemonade

So queen B released an album #Lemonade that has got people talking, why you ask? Well, short version, she doesn’t respect her man, big lipped Jay z.Some people are trash talking about her because well according to them she made her man look bad and some of the words she has used to refer to her man are just plain nasty, they even dragged poor little blue Ivy on the matter by saying it’s not fair that she has to grow up and hear these things about her daddy.

Well,why isn’t anyone looking at the flip side of things, for every action there is a reaction. Queen B is not crazy to wake up one morning and go record an album just because, this woman is speaking from her heart, listening to this album all I could hear is a woman who had gone through so much pain that she took out to do what she knows best, express herself through her music.

Every marriage will at one point be on the rocks, it’s not a bed of roses you know and it’s even worse for her because he has to live her life publicly. So no one has the right to sit here and point fingers at her.Especially the unmarried ones, no one other than her knows what it’s like getting married and living with this man.

Remember that incident when that video leaked and it showed her sister beating the black out of Jay Z and rumors circulated that ,he was not conducting himself like a married man is supposed to, She just stood there unmoved not caring what was going on,that’s an incident we know of, how many others don’t we know of, rumors that Jay z is cheating come out and whether they are true or not, she has an ego that has been bruised, people are talking and pointing fingers at her and in term she has to smile and pretend that they are still in their honeymoon period. Has anyone thought all that anger and stress was what she let out on this album #lemonade.

To those dragging blue ivy on this, matter, she just has to understand that sometimes mommy and daddy are not the best of friends every kid goes through this and anyway, why feel sorry for her,imagine Caitlyn’s grand kids,(the Kardashians) and the explanation their parents had to give in explaining what happened to grandpa, or why Grandpa now a grandma has boobs.

All in all, I would rather hear this album that wake up one morning to hear that someone was going through depression and they cut their life short.Or this could be a publicity stunt.

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Rumor has it

A certain lady celebrity let’s call her Sophie, is an alcoholic and there is a story to back up my allegation, Sometime back she was in a relationship with another heavyweight in the entertainment Industry but like most relationships in this industry they broke up which was weird because, this dude could have cut off his right arm for her that is just how much he loved her, people had opinions about their relationship and why they broke up but no one knew the real reason as to why things had to end.

Well, Jays bubble has got your back on this one, Here is the scoop, This babe drinks like a fish, It gets so bad that when she goes out with her friends they end up calling her boyfriend, ex-boyfriend now to come and pick her up from the club because she has passed out on the floor, so much for being classy Sophie. That man did the first couple million rounds, up until he said enough is enough and he split. Since then she has not been able to hold down a relationship even for a couple months and her biological clock is not ticking anymore, its ringing off the hook, all in all when she looks at her situation she has her “bottle” and it  always helps her escape reality.

I for one think that she has some deep cited problems but that is just me. If you were to guess Sophie’s real name, who would it be?

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Why we Love Wahu

Not only is she aging gracefully this babe has a lot going on for her, despite the baseless rumors that her marriage was crumbling she has managed to stay on top of matters keeping her marriage longer than most people in the industry, She is a good mom, educated and has still managed to stay relevant in the media industry, ooh did I mention that she is running her business and doing so successfully.

Wahu is not only humble but a good example for our generation.

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Foundation problems solved

It’s sad to see a lady all dolled up but has a face looking like those traditional boys who are about to undergo the cut meaning they look white yet to them they have make up on. They say that less than 20% women know how to pick the right foundation. Here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that you are on the right track

First things first, find the right formulaThis is important because it helps you know what kind of product you should go for.

If you have oily skin its best to go for an oil free liquid or powder foundation, the powders absorb the oil and leave your skin looking flawless.

For dry skin, go for hydrating power foundation it has a creamy moisturizing consistency that gives your skin the moisture that it needs.

If you have combination skin, apply a powder foundation that allows you to distribute more of the oil absorbing make up where you need it and less where you don’t without leaving visible lines. (These lines are a no no)

If when you get into contact with someone and they brush against your face and your foundation comes off, no need to worry, when applying foundation use a puff or brush to apply a  light veil of translucent powder or you can press a naked velvet puff to your face after applying foundation.

With this you can keep it Classy and Fabulous without breaking a sweat.




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Could Betty’s divorce be Karma?

Betty Kyalo and Denis Onkari’s failed marriage has been the talk of town these past couple of weeks, you can’t blame people though, I mean their actual splitting up was like a fat kid saying no to cake, or like hearing that Vera  Sadika has been wifed and she has decided to stop fighting her Melanin levels or rumors that Willy Paul has a few baby mamas out there, I could go on and on.

Well, word on the street people, is that the problems in their marriage actually goes much deeper than we know, before the two even started dating. Apparently Betty was dating this dude let’s call him cookie since he was all rainbows, ponies and cotton candy, everything a girl could ask for #RideorDie.

Cookie and Betty dated a couple years then she met him Dennis and she jumped ship, dumped the guy or he dumped her after he found out she was cheating on him. Apparently her folks did not like the couple at all and at first, They were going strong probably feeling it’s us against the world but that can only last so long. A few months later came the divorce.

Betty has support from family though; her sister recently took to Instagram to show her support during this tough time.