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 Creme Dela Creme is in another mess.


Thank God this time we are not talking about his private intimate relations life, if you know what I mean. This time some Kenyan in the diaspora had screwed him over by reporting him to the American immigration office saying that he is in the state on a tourist visa but he is going to be performing so he should be on a business visa. First, this Kenyan snitch, snitches get stitches, second after his sex tape scandal he has taken a back seat on some of his public appearances some,even say he had lost important clients so the business he puts his A game, why do that to a brother just trying to make it in a world that already judges him. Give the a brother a break. Right now he has been caught by immigration officers and he is trying to make things work to get out of there. We wish him all the best.

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Controversial singer, Nyota Ndogo gets a taste of her own medicine.

Word on the street, Nyota Ndogo is married to her Danish man, Now if you can’t remember her, I am not blaming so before we go far, here is an image to refresh your memory.

photo (1)

Yikes! Who am i kidding even after seeing this picture you probably don’t remember her.Below is an image with a little less exaggerated make up.


Now that we are on the same page, shall we continue?She has been trending on twitter for a few hours now not so much because shes getting married, but on how she looks on her wedding day. Every normal  little girl dreams of her wedding day, if you ask what a girl wants for her wedding , she wants her groom of course, her wedding dress to be a perfect fit, her make up well done such that her face is looking flawless…..the list is endless, you think about that then you see her wedding photo, and you wonder how she sang “kuna watu na viatu”


Her love story is very interesting and a sign that you can find love anywhere. She met him at a cyber cafe and now shes married her post on Facebook earlier on today was.

“The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room, and you feel that warmth that you don’t find very often, then that is what love is all about”

Social media however was not as nice to her, as she was trolled on social media for her make up decisions. Mustapha whom she has had a couple of fights with publicly is probably watching it all unfold,  All in all, Jays bubble wishes her a happy married life.

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Rwanda cultural fashion week.

Jays bubble has scoop on Rwanda cultural week and it’s all cotton candy, meaning it’s all good.First, Kenya did us proud, how you ask? Well, we had 2 our female Kenyan models, Linda Simbauni a lawyer by profession by the way (picture below)

photo 2

and Jacky Muendo (picture below)

photo 1

Judging from the above photos and the word on the street regarding this show,they did a good job,so much so that they will be showcasing more outfits in September on a much bigger and better show.

Ntawirema Celestine the founder of the event says the aim of the event is meant to make African designs more recognized and appreciated and that their government is very supportive in pushing “made in Rwanda products”. Which brought me to the question can fashion designers in Kenya say the same about the Kenyan government? There were designers from Kenya and Tanzania however the main event was Rwanda.

Jays bubble will be interviewing Linda Simbauni on her journey into what I dare say,becoming one of Kenya’s top models as well as still work as a lawyer, her challenges and my advice she might have for any upcoming professionals.

They even made the paper

photo 2 (1)
Here is a sneak peak of what went down at Rwanda cultural fashion week (video)

Rwanda cultural fashion week

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Mc Jesse’s confessions

Mc Jesse just has to be one of the best comedians we have in Africa, today morning he went ahead and put up a photo of him when he was younger and had just started out.


First, How whats impressive is he does not despise his humble beginnings, despite a time where people don’t want to be associated with their past, he is proud of that, Second he thanks God for how far he has brought him, Third he encourages people out there that it does not matter where you are from, as long as you have the determination, hard work and you can plan, your on the right path towards achieving your dreams, things that Jays bubble is passionate about, Encouraging and steering people in the right direction.

No matter where you are from and what people think of you, Keep your head high and slay.

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Kenya’s favorite bad boy is hitched(Video)

Well, well, well, CMB Prezzo is engaged to none other than  Mitchelle Oyola, wondering who that is, I also was not so sure about who she was but nothing a little polite stalking cannot do, this babe stars on the Kenyan reality series Nairobi diaries  and she said yes.Though much is not said regarding their wedding as in when they will get married, where and so on, we are glad that Kenyas favorite bad boy is finally settling down, I say Kenyans favorite because he was hated on alot up until he represented us on Big brother.

This is the third time that Prezzo has had a fiance,my favorite was the late Goldie, she really loved this man, remember  how she would cry for him when he would ignore her that is love right there, she did not care Africa was watching her go soft on this Kenyan man. All in all I wish these two a happy married life as for Prezzo its about time they always say third times a charm.

You can watch the video of the two here.

Prezzo and Mitchelle Ayola




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Diamond & Zari Love matters.

Diamond has been the talk of town for a while now, why you ask? Here is the back story,  and no this is not about his nose ring that caused an uproar on social media. So, there is this new music video that Diamond is in and he got a video vixen by the name of Lynne,word on the street she has been hitting on Diamond and his big lips,first,Zari who is the legal wife to Diamond, called her out and marked her territory while at it. Diamond later went online and supported or rather tried to calm down his wife and showed the world that they were still very much in love said  (See picture below)

diamond story

On that note,A couple of months back  during a radio interview in Tanzania Diamond said that he can not be with someone who is not of the same level, popularity wise, he invests in a partner that he can grow with career wise and that feels like Zari at this point. Despite the many break up rumors,they are still solid,So Lynne and her flirtatious texts can take a chill pill.

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Kiambu fashion week in pictures.

Despite the glitches by the Kiambu fashion week organizers, It was a pretty  fun event. Ricqstudio were in charge of the photography and cinematography and saying that they did a good job is an understatement. Let the pictures speak for themselves.















The male models were not left behind….


















Then there was a poem, Mama Africa….


Then the Afro Centric network collection by Gai….





















The Mc’s of the evening Mc Jimmy and Joanne Waeni.

Then the Ngugi vere collection….




















The End





























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Straight outta my heart….#Jayslessons

photoToday I decided to speak straight outta my heart, see what I did there.There are things that we must learn in life either the easy way or the hard way and forgiveness is one of the things I have heard to learn and I did it the hard way, first things first, always keep in mind that people will always hurt you and those that you love the most can end up hurting you the most.

Don’t get me wrong, Its hard to forgive, but only when you decide to confront that heart ache is only when can begin to get a move on in life and start a new chapter, the joy that you get after you have let go is so good, I cannot put it in words.I challenge you to start by telling yourself, Iv forgiven (Jezebel) *Insert the name of whoever hurt you, I called her Jezebel and even when you feel like your still mad keep saying it and saying it, one day you will wake up and you will not care, that’s the first step you will have let go. From here sit down and watch as your life takes shape and moves into a good direction. Don’t care whether they said sorry or not, Forgiveness is not for them, its for you.


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Miss kiambu’s (tourism) moment of shame.


Miss Kiambu 2016 had a moment of shame at the Kiambu fashion week, she was one of chosen few to show case Ngugi vere’a collection. A very beautiful dress if I may had but on walking down the runway he dress revealed a little more than we expected to see most people would say that she’s a professional though her nunu showed through her dress when she was doing her dramatic turns on the runway she walked that runway like her life depended on it.

Lesson of the day Team Jay, keep moving no matter the circumstances.

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