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Sad day for Jimmy Gathu.

It was announced that Nation media group was shutting down Nation Fm, Qfm and Qtv. Unfortunately, that meant that some people had to be laid off.As painful as this might be to some, Its not the end of life, some people end up becoming great business men and women out of such incidences.Keep calm.

Now,one of the people who did not make the cut was Jimmy gathu, You know how every office has grapevine,Jays bubble found out a few things about Jimmy’s job at Nation, apparently, When Jimmy started off at Nation there are certain people whom he stabbed in the back so that he could keep his job. With the  closure of Nation Fm some people considered this as Karma and even went to the extent of sending him a text just to poke him.

Here is a screen shot of the said text.People out here have zero chills.

photo (6)

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Bobby preaching water and drinking wine.

So apparently, Kenyan music group P-unit is broke, if you ask me, nothing new there if at all this is true, people get rich and go broke, how many Hollywood celebrities have slept millionaires and for one reason or another woken up with nothing to their names. What shocked me the most was when this so called gospel artist accused this group for having sugar mummies so as to keep living lavishly here in Nairobi.

Now, first things first, whether this is true or not, Isn’t Bobby Mapesa supposed to be living life on the Jesus lane. Is this what Bible study is teaching him or better yet, Is this a cheap stunt just to try and get people’s attention, Sorry dude, Beyonce fooling us with Lemonade is one thing, You however are over reaching. He reminds me of Willy Paul.

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African Jewelry is taking over.

It was game over when Taraji wore an African beaded piece during her visit in South Africa,African inspired Jewelry is slowly taking over, just like Ankara outfits. Here in Kenya, the Maasai community is known for creating beautiful neck and hand pieces among many other items and Jays bubble is crushing on this trend thus making this a must have in every woman’s jewelry chest or box.

Now, if you have not scored yourself a piece yet, Keep calm, Jays bubble has got your back. Simply send an email to and ill hook you up.

Meanwhile, here is a little fun fact of what these bead colors mean to the Maasai community.



Blue:Symbolizes energy and sustenance.

Red:Represents bravery, strength.

Green:Symbolizes nourishment and production

Orange:Symbolizes warmth,  friendship, generosity and hospitality.

Yellow: Symbolizes fertility and growth.

White: Represents purity and health.

Black: Symbolizes unity, harmony and solidarity.

Now you are in the know.

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Abby Plaatjes at the top of her game.

Remember Abby from Big brother Africa,the Bold and daring lady from Tanzania who had a “partnership” so to say with Uganda’s Gaetano. Well, this babe is making moves in the Entertainment scene by making a huge comeback on TV. Abby is a new host for E!VIP.This means that she will be interviewing entertainment heavy weights from all over Africa. Just yesterday, E! aired an interview that she conducted on Diamond Platinum and Mafikizolo and they opened up about their journey to the top and the challenges that they overcame.

I for one am happy that she is back on TV, she was fun on BBA and so far so good, she is killing it on E! You go girl!

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Kalekye Mumo’s bold move.

You just have to love a woman with self confidence. Kalekye Mumo kiss 100 breakfast presenter has a whole load of it. She is currently in Mombasa which is why if you are a fun of her show, shes not on air. Kalekye put up a photo of herself in a bathing suit, clearly she has lost a ton of weight.Still being on the healthier side of life shes loving her body, evidence being this pic she put up on her Instagram account and shes all smiles.

Jays bubble is crushing on her bold move,What do you think? Is this a yay or a nay?

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Empire cast in Africa and Aka might just benefit from the Visit.

 Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known by his stage name AKA, is a South African hip hop recording artist who might feature on U.S hit series ,Empire, he had  a little chat with Terrence Howard (Lucious Lyon) and Taraji P. Henson (Cookie Lyon), where he asked them to write a role for him, Taraji’s response, “Absolutely, why not.”

It,t pays off to be out-right, if he kept silent, feeling like a celeb and all then this opportunity would just be a thought.Even if he doesn’t get a role in the next season. If they ever plan on doing something on Africa, he will be the first person that they think about.

Terrence and Taraji received a lot of love from everyone in South Africa. A little light stalking on Taraji’s Instagram shows how much fun she had.She even  rocked a beautiful African jewelry piece given to her as a gift by a fashion blogger in South Africa.  Jays bubble is totally crushing on this look.




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Trouble in paradise for Octopizzo and Girlfriend.

Word on the street is that there is trouble in paradise for Octopizzo and his girlfriend, so apparently she found out that he was cheating on her with some lady banker and it even gets worse when she(the girlfriend) found out that he is having a baby with her. His wife who is probably  an ex-girlfriend now, wanted to leave the country with their baby but Octopizzo proceeded to court in a bid to stop her from taking his daughter away. The drama continues…Jay bubble will keep you posted on this one.


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Straight outta my heart….Lessons drawn from Vincent Van Gogh.

If you are a lover of art then this is no new name to you. Vincent Van Goh’s is considered one of the worlds best painters, however his life is what I call tragic.Here is  a young man passionate about life and art in particular.Just like many of us have a love for certain things, singing, poetry, acting whatever your poison is. First a short story about him.

Vincent was a Christian boy who loved life and school in general,so it was hurting for him that he had to leave school due to financial constraints and he was forced to go work at his uncles Cornelia’s art dealership shop.Where his love for art was realized. He then moved  to London to work at other art dealerships and where he continued to learn, although talented he still had  to refine his skills, in one of the letters he wrote to his younger brother, he said he was fulfilled in his work of painting. He would travel a lot and during this, he would stop by a field and draw what he saw. When I say he would travel don’t think I mean business class trips. I mean,by train with little to eat,coffee and bread on a good day.His love life is another thing, always rejected by the women he pursued, he would run to paint to hide away from the pain. Vincent  hiding all his emotions and feelings caused him to be depressed .As much as he would try to refresh his mind by painting he would still get hurt, he was even admitted at the psychiatric hospital for a while.

900 painting later and he only sold one for 400francs ,Sadly ,two weeks later he died from a self inflicted gun shot wound to the chest.His  brother and friends from the local inn he was living in tried to save him and he refused, he wanted to die because it was his body and after all he can do whatever he wanted.He  even went further ahead to plead with his brother to let him find peace by dying because he had too much pain going on.

Now, to how this life can become yours if your not careful.

Lesson 1.Let go and talk it out. sometimes and especially the men, you decide I’ll close in my emotions because it’s the in thing. To look and appear tough. Then stress catches up sooner or later and your just a walking bitter old woman/man at the age of like 25 not even make up can save your skin appearance because your all wrinkled up from  bitterness. Why not talk it out,personally, thank God for my best friend, iv laughed, cried, experimented on ideas some have worked others failed but I have someone through out the process, life is much easier when you have a friend. Someone you can trust for that matter.

Lesson 2. Go after what you want, in the case of Vincent he wanted to still pursue school but he was forced out to go work at an art dealership now don’t get me wrong, Education is important but in this case he was being forced to go start on his purpose for his life. Once he settled into painting, he was always happy in fact during his painting moments he  was never  depressed. Many people here have that problem called procrastination. That was me at some point.well, I love writing but let’s wait till I get this done that will open the way. Until a friend of mine just said “Joanne, just do the damn blog already and shut up!” Normally I would be like I know you did not just talk to me in that tone but there was a point. Chitty chatty chat chat *Insert Kung fu panda voice is what you are doing, talking too much instead of doing what you love. With or without money, just do it.The rest will fall in place.

Lesson 3. Don’t give up. You have probably heard this one, hold on don’t give up.It always gets tough.Out of 900 paintings he sold one for little money and then he killed himself.Right now he is considered one of the worlds best painters, what would have happened if he just held on a little longer and continued to paint? Would he have tasted the fruits of his labor perhaps? Would he have found true love, a love that is willing to accept him for him? If he were to come back to life right now, how would he feel having cut his life short at 37years and being termed a legend in the world of art? Same thing, you who wants to give up on your dreams, what if tomorrow is the day when you actually get that big break?  No one said it was easy. It never is .You just have to wipe those tears and keep it moving.

Now go forth and slay.

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Tamar says goodbye to The Real.

If you were a fan of “The real” like I am then this is sad news for you and you would want to know why she has been laid off or why she quit. Now the Real team says that  they all (including Tamar) agreed that it was wise for her to leave the set and concentrate on her career.However, rumor has it that Tamar got a little out of hand while on set but they would stomach her but she did it when she spoke rudely to a client and stormed out of a meeting. Apparently she let her personality on set get out of hand.

Then,she went on an interview with Harvey and  said ” I just feel like I’m just not going to allow anybody to dim my star, This is not a setback, this is a setup. I feel like if you don’t look at things like this as a blessing, it won’t be a blessing. I definitely feel like it is and I feel like from here, it’s onward and upward.” This doesn’t sound like she stepped out to concentrate on her solo career. What even pointed us in the direction of she was laid off, was when she put up[ a post a couple of days ago on Instagram saying,” I love u all but I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted (not my man or my sisters).” but insists that her and her co-hosts are okay.

Now with this knowledge I wonder who they will get to replace Tamar for the third season.The Real will not be the same without her but we hope to see her on some other show soon.

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Its over for Taylor and Calvin Harris.

Buckle up everyone, Taylor swift will be back to singing her break up songs in no time. A girl needs to vent about her last relationship with Calvin Harris gone bad.Word on the street they are more friends than lovers. Although Taylor keeps falling for the wrong type, she does make a lot  of money from those heartbreaks.

Apparently Calvin really liked Taylor because she was not the ordinary kind of girl that he would normally date,She was all roses and ponies, he was more into bad girls.Over time he lost interest but did not want to break up with her, until he realized that they were not compatible and he cut the cord.  I have a feeling Harry used the “Its not you its me” line during his break up speech. Can Taylor for once get the man she deserves, these type of stunts are the one that turn a good girl into a bad one.

Now you are in the know.