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Chipukizzy on that love train like green on grass.

You know what they say about love, the right kind will make a man soft, like in a good way.okay that’s what I say. Kenyan based comedian Chipukizzy is  is in love and he is not afraid to show it. Either this man is proud of his woman or he is marking his territory,hard. These two call each other ‘rib’ you know like how people are crazy with this bae word. They went for a much deeper pet name.
Here are just some of the pictures there’s two have put up on their social media pages.
What’s your take on this? Is this cute or what?

Cropped Vinnie.png


cpd 5 final.pngcropped vinnie 3.pngcropped vinnie 4.png

These two make relationships look so easy.

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What! Another secret celeb wedding.

So…. Jays bubble has heard about a secret celebrity wedding. I’ll give y’all a clue, she is someone I’ve written about before. she has got a “twin” sister, she is a mother of a beautiful daughter with another celebrity, she loves German machines and she is one talented speaker. Now, how this babe has moved on so quick beats me, and to add sauce to the Pizza, she is also rumored to be pregnant with her future hubby’s baby.
Can you guess who?
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Man crush of the week: Dennis Toll.

Part of why I started this blog was to encourage you who is reading this, so today I am putting up an interview that I did with Homeboyz news anchor Dennis Toll. One of the reasons why he was picked to be Jays bubble Man crush of the week; he is a hard worker, intelligent and he did not give up on his dream which is to anchor news.

toll 03.jpg

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I love cooking. I was forced into cooking by my sensitive stomach and due to the love for good food, YouTube has been my guide. I love dancing courtesy of my late uncle, I don’t drink, I love being sober on the floor. I don’t rave unless I have to because of the congestion. Lastly I love my own company I tend to be creative at such moments.

How long have you been in the industry?

I entered the industry in 2009 back in college as a mid- morning presenter. My show was called the chill show. My Lecturer MS. Joyce Njang’o saw something in me and she gave me an opportunity. This is where it all started.

Share with us how your journey has been like?

Well, it hasn’t been a walk in the park but the flip of it is the fun bit of it. You are stepped on as you struggle to prove yourself but like my old man says pick up yourself, dust yourself and follow your heart. The journey has been amazing.

You worked at 1fm as a news reporter but we never heard you on air despite your talent, care to explain why?  Was this the reason for the move to Homeboyz radio.

Yes I started working at 1fm in 2010 before I even graduated. I went for an interview and managed to secure myself an internship. I worked there for months surviving on allowances. After 6 months I received my employment letter I remember it was a few days before my birthday. I worked under Asha Mwilu before she left for KTN. I always wanted to be on air but it never happened while at 1fm. My departure from 1Fm to Homeboyz was a result of an opportunity to do what I love and because change is inevitable and as they say change is good as rest.

Tell us about your experience at Homeboyz?

Working for Homeboyz is amazing can’t ask for more. I mean I smile more, I have and an amazing team, and my voice has been trained to do a lot. Opportunities have presented themselves and doors to a lot have opened It has been 8months All I can say I am a Home Boy.

What advice would you give any young person who would like to venture into the same career as you?

This makes me seem old but anyway, they should be patient and do whatever they have been given to do to the best of their ability regardless of the surrounding you are working under. Always leave the office or your working place at the end of the day satisfied that you gave it your 100% because if you don’t, the person you are hurting is yourself.

Do you have any regrets in life in regards to your career?

I have no regrets whatsoever. This industry is amazing but it is also challenging and if you don’t have your head up and ability to stand by your principles one can easily fall victim to a lot of vices.

Are you dating?

Oh! Yes this man is dating.





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Is Lilian Muli bleaching?

So word is going round that Lilian Muli is following  in Vera Sidikas foot steps. Something about her looking ,Fanta coke, Fanta (light on her face)and coke(her dark hands). You just have to love the Kenyans that come up with these names. She is allegedly bleaching her skin and not doing a good job at it.Below are two images ill let you draw to your own conclusions. My two cents, She does look a little pale in her most recent picture, so unless she is sharing a make up person with Nyota ndogo   Something is up.





Now you are in the know.


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Why we love Baby daddy (Critique sn 5)

Baby daddy is is a Freeform comedy television series that focuses on the family unit, family here not necessarily being by blood.Baby daddy is definitely not your cliche American sitcom .Ben the main character who is in his twenties gets a sweet blow when a one night stand leaves a baby at his door step,he then decides to raise the baby with his Brother Danny Wheeler, best friend  Tucker Dobbs who are also his roommates, his close friend and neighbor Riley and lastly his mother Bonnie wheeler.

Created by Dan Berendsen and produced by Timothy Marx, Frank Pines, Nancy Cohen, Jan Siegelman and David Hartle, this 22 min long sitcom will not only leave you in stitches but will leave you with a lesson,First the theme/intro song  gives you a  feel of what the show is about,a baby in a diaper that is half fixed and a man reaches out to fix it with tape portraying a clueless person handling the baby.In this case Ben and his friends,the words of the intro song  say “Its amazing how the unexpected can take  your life and change direction.”

Season 5, episode 1-4. Pan movement is used when they are all rushing to the couch from the door because Bonnie’s fiance is lying unconscious because Danny gave him a head bump from the excitement that his mother was getting married, pan movement was the best camera movement used because they were on the move.Moments later a full shot and three shot of Ben,Bonnie and Tucker when Bonnie and Tucker are running out to do a secret wedding, a full shot was best used here to show their dance foot movements.Noddy shot is used to show Ben’s reaction when his date /hangouts water breaks and she is in labor. A close up of Bonnie, Tucker and her fiance is used to show us their reactions to his dates labor pain.

Episode 5-10.An establishment shot to show the location of the subjects,followed by a tilt movement (movement of the camera from up and down) of apartments to give a closer look at where they are.An over the shoulder shot of Danny, showing his girlfriends reaction when he gets on one knee to ask her to be his wife someday.The camera Zooms into Ben and Riley to give a a closer look of the two while they are having a conversation about getting Ben a girl friend who will be a female figure to Baby Emma. The lighting is perfect when Ben and Sammy his employee from the pub he owns, and has liked since he was in high school are talking it sets the mood for a couples dinner date.  You can note the transition into other scenes by the music played, often scenes end with one of the subjects giving a punchline which evokes emotions, Sad or happy motions. A close up of Ben’s dates bust area to show that he is not into the conversation that they are having, proving that Ben gets easily distracted. Although a close up would have been better because it zeros in on what the subject is looking at.Mid shot of Bonnie as she is trying to getting a laptop to find a way of getting her son kicked out of the national hockey team, this shot was used to show the audience what she was doing.

Oblique angle is used best when Riley and Danny fall down when trying to avoid people from hearing their parents argument. This angle is used to show things falling out of place.The sound level used are good you don’t have trouble hearing either of the subjects.the music played all through the season is in line with the emotions.High angle is used on Danny wheeler to show power seeing as he is the biggest of the two brothers.Tucker is often teased by the rest a low angle would b a good shot seeing as its an angle used to show inferiority.

The tenth episode ends on a sad note because Danny and Riley are broken up and Ben’s to be girlfriend wants to try things out with her baby daddy.A zoom in on the couple would e good to show how a  A point of view shot is shown when he sees the dad coming out from her house.

Season 5 of baby daddy is a hilarious portrayal of how family sticks by each other despite life’s challenges, that even when family hurts each other they forgive and love is not limited to color. Tucker is mixed racial but blends in this family unit.






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Jays fettish for braided hair.

I have been falling in love with braided hair, especially now that I’m turning my hair  back to its natural state.I thought I would share my experience with braided hair. First, with my busy schedule, braided hair has been a life saver. I wake in the morning and its ready to go. It has given me a break from the damage caused by the daily stress of styling and heat. Now that it is cold, it has helped me avoid freezing moments (my hair freezes  sometimes, which is a buzz kill). It has given me a new look which is a good thing, Aint nobody want the same old look. It has protected my hair by not allowing its ends to split. Good thing is that there are different styles to pick from. Try it out, you might just fall in love like I did.




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No more bros over babes for P-square *Insert naija accent.

We all thought it was all bros over babes for P-Square up until Peter went on a rant making it clear that the two brothers do not see eye to eye anymore. This is what he said.

” This goes out to all my Fans in Congo Specifically and the entire world in General. My attention has been drawn to a much publicised show holding today 8th July, 2016(VIP SHOW) and tomorrow 9th July, 2016,(in Goma) and on the 17th of August in Kinshasa wherein the name Psquare was used maliciously and mischievously to garner patronage and huge fans attendance as against the stage name Rudeboy which is used when my Twin Brother, Paul, and Co-owner of the stage name Psquare performs alone.I never endorsed the usage of my name as the contractual terms presented were not favourable to me, thus I am not part of the show booked by our former manager Jude and I wholeheartedly disassociate myself from the unauthorized use of my Co-owned stage name (Psquare) and images for promotional and economic reasons without my express written consent or permission. Contrary to the wild allegations making the rounds that I could not attend the show because I am sick and missed my flight along with my crew members, I wish to counter same and state categorically, that I am 101% healthy. I shall take appropriate legal actions in the nearest future against the character assassination and malicious misrepresentation. Thank you. MR.P (Peter of Psquare)

Their fans are not happy with the break up and they keep posting comments telling the two to make up.only time will tell if they do. You can follow them on @Paul_Psquare and @psquare.


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Christians hating on young love.

My first thought when I saw people, more so Christians hit at a gospel show(Kubamba) for letting teenage girls and boys send shout outs to their boyfriends/girlfriends on television, I thought I was living in the stone age period. Why are we being hypocrites? If you think your teenage daughter/son/sister/brother /niece… is not having crushes because they are saved, you are terribly wrong, at this stage some of these kids feel like their boyfriends are Channing taitum even if the look like Willy Paul.



Channing taitum.

This story made me appreciate my mother more. When I was a teen I would give my mom stories about boys, those I liked and those that I bullied. She made me comfortable enough to talk to her about anything and that has never changed up to date, till now she advice’s me and I’ve turned out okay. Now the girls in my school who closed off emotions, Went to the front of the chapel and pretended, let’s just say life wasn’t as fun in the outside world. So chill your tantrums and let them be.



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Diamond and Zari at it again.

With rumors going round that Diamond and Zari’s relationship is on the rocks and that there might be a possible break up because Zari got pregnant a little too soon with baby no two. The couple that people cant stop talking about gave yet another reason to talk. Diamond’s attempt to make us see  that his babe and him are stronger than ever worked because people are back to hitting at them.Diamond took a video of the two in the bathroom in very comfortable attire if you know what I mean.

Diamond and Zari video 

What do you think? Did they show too much like everyone claims.

Now you are in the know.

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Game over for Kalekye Mumo and new heights for Adelle Onyango

Today is a happy day for #TeamAdelle fans, Adelle who was till today, the mid morning queen of radio has moved on up to the breakfast show ‘The morning kiss’,where she will be hosting alongside Shaffie weru. This means that its game over for Kalekye Mumo, who was recently on vacation, you can catch the story here .

Word on the street is that Kiss FM is undergoing a transformation that will see new talent hired meaning some will be be dropped. Kalekye however, is not going home sad, she says that she is moving on to bigger and better things in fact rumor has it that she has built up a successful Public relations company which she intends to focus on, after all life is all about seasons and her seasons as a radio presenter is over.

Jays bubble is happy for both Kalekye and Adelle, this is a new phase of their lives and we wish them all the best. Do you t

Now you are in the know.