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Huddah brings a storm over Diamond and Zaris paradise

Even with that new rack Huddah bought herself, it clearly did not change her attitude, These socialies have no chills. Zari`s man Diamond has been called a whore well to be fair Huddah said he is pizza and women have been ordering him meaning he has been sleeping around with women, clearly Huddah cannot speak in metaphors because that pizza line was a total fail.Huddah went further to say that Zari has been popping babies because she doesn’t want Diamond to bail on her and the other kids. Now this aches that are causing Huddah to run her mouth and suspected to come because Zari did not send Huddah a birthday invite to princess Tiffah but get this big booty Vera got an invite. Diamond has been silent over the while story and Jays bubble can’t help but wonder, why hasn’t he come out to defend Zari like he always does? Are the allegations by huddah true? Has this story brought issues between Zari and Diamond?  Jays bubble can promise she will keep her eye out for this story and she Will let you in the loop like she always does?

Now your in the know.

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Huddah admits to going under the knife to save her cleavage

Huddah took to social media to talk about an experience that personally speaking made me understand her a whole lot more, her big brother experience. I have a lot of love for big brother but that’s not the point. When Huddah went to represent us (Kenya) at the big brother house, her shower hour videos came out and people had a field day with her rack more like her lack of. She took to twitter ( shown below) to say that she went under the knife to make her bigger, she took some of her fat in her assets and put it on her bast.

This is Huddah before the knife..


Huddah after the knife..


Moral of the story though, nobody should make you feel like your not good enough, even Huddah knows that.

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Guess who Betty Kyalo is playing dress up with?

Well, well well… If it isn’t another story about Betty Kyalo. So to catch up  those who have been away. Betty got married to Dennis a  famous investigative reporter and the wedding had people talking for days.Here is a photo of the two.



A few moths down the line they called it quits and then rumors started going round as to why the two broke up, some said it was Dennis cheating, others thought it was Betty then the biggest rumor was family problems you know like your in laws not liking you but i think that’s really shallow because how many people get married and their mother in laws don’t like them, they thug it out.Anyway I was for another opinion, Karma, you can check out the story here. 

So now word on the street is that she is dating  Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, who is all about politics with a personal touch, he launched a panties campaign for next year general elections, the undies will be worn by “warembo wa joho” meaning Johos beauties/babes whatever you want to call it.Spot this.


Of course she is on that deny deny deny vibe, but guys are not letting this one go especially after people spotted them on social media rocking the same kicks.All I can say on this rumor, there is no smoke without fire.


On top of that, these past couple of days she has been blasting people  on social media, all i could think was , who hurt you girl? have a look, what do you think?



Now you are in the know.


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Pierra’s Munchkin has arrived.

Pierra has really set the bar high when it comes to baby bump photos.

pierra baby bump.png

We were all waiting to see her little bundle of joy,who Jays bubble can say landed safely.pierra baby 1.png

Her mom (Pierra ) is on mommy 101 duties and is not ashamed to breastfeed (as seen below)

.pierra baby.png

Though pierra is a little stingy on her munchkins face, we can confirm that its a girl. Nothing yet on the baby daddy. I thought maybe mother hood would make her sentimental and she would show her faceless baby daddy’s photo, you know so we can have a picture a family portrait, but she is not budging.

Now you’re in the know.