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New look jeans.

They say, give a girl jeans and she can conquer the world. I couldn’t agree more, however there are girls with jeans that they have not worn in ages. Instead of filling your wardrobe with cloths you are not wearing, why not make the ones you have work for you. It is not only easy but cheap.  An easy “Do it yourself” tutorial that can save you a lot of money….

Step 1.

Locate the jeans that you want to re-make to suit the current fashion trend.



Step 2.

Using a pair of scissors, Cut out the desired shape that you would like.

Note: For some people this step can work however if you are of the conservative type, go over to step 3.



Step 3.

Identify a fabric that you like. Cut it out to fit the shape of the hole that you have made. The Fabric can be from a scarf or any other old cloths that you don’t wear but make sure that it is strong enough.


Step 4.

Sew it together using basic stitches or use fabric glue to put it together.




Step 5.

You are ready to hit the street with your new pair of jeans



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Whats inside the magazine…the do’s and don’ts of living +vly.

What I love so much about this current issue of Jays Bubble is that it has a light  way of discussing serious topics. I was privileged to meet a young girl through my blog, lets call her “Tsubaki” who opened up about living with HIV. She has a very fun and bubbly personality but what stood out for me  was that she wanted to help someone else who is in a similar situation. So, she shared her story in the May issue of Jays Bubble magazine…….Check it out.

For those that want a copy emailed to them, send me an email >>


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Here’s to us….

As someone who usually gets to interview people a lot especially now with the birth of Jays Bubble magazine,getting interviewed was awesome and more so getting interviewed by KTN. It has been a year and the strides that this blog and the magazine have made are just amazing.

Here is to us: All those that do not shy away from sharing their perosnal stories so that they can inspire and encourage others, those that work day and night to ensure that they beat deadlines (my team), those who send us emails and contact us on our social media pages so that they can give us feedback and finally those that undermined us, without you we would not have know how talented and far we can go with our talents.


Here a link to the interview. 

Joanne Waeni.

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Why Burna boy has become the most hated artist in Kenya

If there is someone who woke up this morning and wished that he could turn back time, that would be Burna boy. Let me fill you in. So Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name Burna Boy, a Nigerian reggae-dance-hall singer and songwriter  was scheduled to perform on Saturday right here in Nairobi.

Burna boy came in at the wee hours of the morning…..4 am to be precise and gave the worst performance ever, well worst according to a fan.He spent like 10 minutes on stage. This is despite keeping people waiting .You would think that his delay would be worth the wait.  Note to self: Some things are just not worth the wait. To add on that,he looked like he was muddled. Did I forget to mention that before he got to the venue, people were threatening to bounce and demand a refund of their cash which cost sh 1500. Anyway fast forward to after the “performance” He walked out of there, feeling nothing.  Oh and apparently, he called Kenyans peasants after they complained.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why Burna boy  has been trending all morning and why Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) are trolling him. There is no winning against KOT.

You are welcome.


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Straight outta my heart… Guard your destiny!

My sister recently got a phone call, the phone conversation that she had was telling her or a friend’s unfortunate death. Apparently this young man went out to party with his friends, (nothing abnormal there) they got into an accident, which he survived and when he got home he shot himself twice in the chest. Like once was not good enough to off him, he did it twice. A very sad story of a young man who escaped death once but he took the initiative to end his own life.

When thinking of the situation and some of the other unfortunate things that I have heard happen, I got what I like to call a revelation. Hear me out……You know that verse that says “….. the devil/thief  comes to kill to steal and to destroy….”  John 10:10. It’s not a joke. If you did not know it, thank God that he lead you to read this post. This might just save you a lot of pain. First, my prayer to you is that your destiny will not be stolen, that you will live long to enjoy the fruit of the land.

People are out here joking with their lives and are taking things lightly, without knowing. Now, I don’t know about you but I have got goals that I want to achieve and it’s up to you to guard these goals with everything you have got. How do you do that you may ask
First, you kinda need to pray and ask God for covering. (There is a big difference between someone who prays and they have a relationship with God and someone who doesn’t)  Pray, pray, pray ask him to  protect your destiny and take away or rather extract people that are not there to grow you. The day I made this decision was the best, things took a complete 360 for the better and I have been happy ever since. Even tough situations are bearable.

If you feel like you’re living a life that’s not yours, your happy but not happy, you don’t have peace, you’re going through stagnation. Whatever, the case might be. For the first time ever I’ll put my email ad on a post just In case you need to talk (in confidence of course) and I will get you help.

Those who have ears will hear.