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Whats inside the magazine…the do’s and don’ts of living +vly.

What I love so much about this current issue of Jays Bubble is that it has a light  way of discussing serious topics. I was privileged to meet a young girl through my blog, lets call her “Tsubaki” who opened up about living with HIV. She has a very fun and bubbly personality but what stood out for me  was that she wanted to help someone else who is in a similar situation. So, she shared her story in the May issue of Jays Bubble magazine…….Check it out.

For those that want a copy emailed to them, send me an email >>


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Why Burna boy has become the most hated artist in Kenya

If there is someone who woke up this morning and wished that he could turn back time, that would be Burna boy. Let me fill you in. So Damini Ogulu, better known by his stage name Burna Boy, a Nigerian reggae-dance-hall singer and songwriter  was scheduled to perform on Saturday right here in Nairobi.

Burna boy came in at the wee hours of the morning…..4 am to be precise and gave the worst performance ever, well worst according to a fan.He spent like 10 minutes on stage. This is despite keeping people waiting .You would think that his delay would be worth the wait.  Note to self: Some things are just not worth the wait. To add on that,he looked like he was muddled. Did I forget to mention that before he got to the venue, people were threatening to bounce and demand a refund of their cash which cost sh 1500. Anyway fast forward to after the “performance” He walked out of there, feeling nothing.  Oh and apparently, he called Kenyans peasants after they complained.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why Burna boy  has been trending all morning and why Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) are trolling him. There is no winning against KOT.

You are welcome.


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Valentines date with Idris Elba…..

If Idris Elaba asked you out on a date, what would you say?…Heck yea!I would even trade my best friend for Idris, sorry boo I know you would do the same,maybe even throw in a couple of cousins as well. All jokes aside though, there is a video making rounds on the internet. (See below) and it has girls all over the world bothered.

Have a look, try it out, you never know, lady luck might just be on your side.

P.S…These kids have some pretty legit advice.

Valentines with Idris

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Queen B is preggers…Was Lemonade a lie?

Remember this meme?


A couple of months later and all I can think about the carter family is….Lemonade was a  lie! Let me start with the extra  good news first, Beyonce is preggers.  Queen B will now be a mother of three.I am not doing the math wrong, she has twins on the way so that and Blue Ivy makes three.

The happy couple took to Instagram to announce the news probably  while sipping lemonade  (See what I did there). Attached was a photo of Beyonce’s growing Baby bump.

Now I am no Einstein here but according to my calculations, this babe was already pregnant when she released Lemonade.Ha! would you look at that.

On the real though, I hope Blu Ivy has been taught how to share because now she has  two other siblings on the way and  that snob face #RBF she sometimes has (See pic below) wont cut it.


After all has been said though, Beyonce looks stunning!



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Jays Bubble….Valentines Issue 2017.

Its finally here Ladies and Gentlemen. My first magazine, this journey has been a very interesting one, I enjoyed every single bit of it. Lots of hugs and kisses to my team, we did it.Feel free to send me an email if you want me to send you a copy.Without any further ado…… Jays Bubble, Valentines Issue 2017.

#Slaying #Excited #JaysBubbleFebissue #Valentines #Themonthoflove




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