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Here’s to us….

As someone who usually gets to interview people a lot especially now with the birth of Jays Bubble magazine,getting interviewed was awesome and more so getting interviewed by KTN. It has been a year and the strides that this blog and the magazine have made are just amazing.

Here is to us: All those that do not shy away from sharing their perosnal stories so that they can inspire and encourage others, those that work day and night to ensure that they beat deadlines (my team), those who send us emails and contact us on our social media pages so that they can give us feedback and finally those that undermined us, without you we would not have know how talented and far we can go with our talents.


Here a link to the interview. 

Joanne Waeni.

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Straight outta my heart… Guard your destiny!

My sister recently got a phone call, the phone conversation that she had was telling her or a friend’s unfortunate death. Apparently this young man went out to party with his friends, (nothing abnormal there) they got into an accident, which he survived and when he got home he shot himself twice in the chest. Like once was not good enough to off him, he did it twice. A very sad story of a young man who escaped death once but he took the initiative to end his own life.

When thinking of the situation and some of the other unfortunate things that I have heard happen, I got what I like to call a revelation. Hear me out……You know that verse that says “….. the devil/thief  comes to kill to steal and to destroy….”  John 10:10. It’s not a joke. If you did not know it, thank God that he lead you to read this post. This might just save you a lot of pain. First, my prayer to you is that your destiny will not be stolen, that you will live long to enjoy the fruit of the land.

People are out here joking with their lives and are taking things lightly, without knowing. Now, I don’t know about you but I have got goals that I want to achieve and it’s up to you to guard these goals with everything you have got. How do you do that you may ask
First, you kinda need to pray and ask God for covering. (There is a big difference between someone who prays and they have a relationship with God and someone who doesn’t)  Pray, pray, pray ask him to  protect your destiny and take away or rather extract people that are not there to grow you. The day I made this decision was the best, things took a complete 360 for the better and I have been happy ever since. Even tough situations are bearable.

If you feel like you’re living a life that’s not yours, your happy but not happy, you don’t have peace, you’re going through stagnation. Whatever, the case might be. For the first time ever I’ll put my email ad on a post just In case you need to talk (in confidence of course) and I will get you help.

Those who have ears will hear.


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Man crush of the week: Dennis Toll.

Part of why I started this blog was to encourage you who is reading this, so today I am putting up an interview that I did with Homeboyz news anchor Dennis Toll. One of the reasons why he was picked to be Jays bubble Man crush of the week; he is a hard worker, intelligent and he did not give up on his dream which is to anchor news.

toll 03.jpg

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I love cooking. I was forced into cooking by my sensitive stomach and due to the love for good food, YouTube has been my guide. I love dancing courtesy of my late uncle, I don’t drink, I love being sober on the floor. I don’t rave unless I have to because of the congestion. Lastly I love my own company I tend to be creative at such moments.

How long have you been in the industry?

I entered the industry in 2009 back in college as a mid- morning presenter. My show was called the chill show. My Lecturer MS. Joyce Njang’o saw something in me and she gave me an opportunity. This is where it all started.

Share with us how your journey has been like?

Well, it hasn’t been a walk in the park but the flip of it is the fun bit of it. You are stepped on as you struggle to prove yourself but like my old man says pick up yourself, dust yourself and follow your heart. The journey has been amazing.

You worked at 1fm as a news reporter but we never heard you on air despite your talent, care to explain why?  Was this the reason for the move to Homeboyz radio.

Yes I started working at 1fm in 2010 before I even graduated. I went for an interview and managed to secure myself an internship. I worked there for months surviving on allowances. After 6 months I received my employment letter I remember it was a few days before my birthday. I worked under Asha Mwilu before she left for KTN. I always wanted to be on air but it never happened while at 1fm. My departure from 1Fm to Homeboyz was a result of an opportunity to do what I love and because change is inevitable and as they say change is good as rest.

Tell us about your experience at Homeboyz?

Working for Homeboyz is amazing can’t ask for more. I mean I smile more, I have and an amazing team, and my voice has been trained to do a lot. Opportunities have presented themselves and doors to a lot have opened It has been 8months All I can say I am a Home Boy.

What advice would you give any young person who would like to venture into the same career as you?

This makes me seem old but anyway, they should be patient and do whatever they have been given to do to the best of their ability regardless of the surrounding you are working under. Always leave the office or your working place at the end of the day satisfied that you gave it your 100% because if you don’t, the person you are hurting is yourself.

Do you have any regrets in life in regards to your career?

I have no regrets whatsoever. This industry is amazing but it is also challenging and if you don’t have your head up and ability to stand by your principles one can easily fall victim to a lot of vices.

Are you dating?

Oh! Yes this man is dating.





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Christians hating on young love.

My first thought when I saw people, more so Christians hit at a gospel show(Kubamba) for letting teenage girls and boys send shout outs to their boyfriends/girlfriends on television, I thought I was living in the stone age period. Why are we being hypocrites? If you think your teenage daughter/son/sister/brother /niece… is not having crushes because they are saved, you are terribly wrong, at this stage some of these kids feel like their boyfriends are Channing taitum even if the look like Willy Paul.



Channing taitum.

This story made me appreciate my mother more. When I was a teen I would give my mom stories about boys, those I liked and those that I bullied. She made me comfortable enough to talk to her about anything and that has never changed up to date, till now she advice’s me and I’ve turned out okay. Now the girls in my school who closed off emotions, Went to the front of the chapel and pretended, let’s just say life wasn’t as fun in the outside world. So chill your tantrums and let them be.



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Straight outta my heart….Lessons drawn from Vincent Van Gogh.

If you are a lover of art then this is no new name to you. Vincent Van Goh’s is considered one of the worlds best painters, however his life is what I call tragic.Here is  a young man passionate about life and art in particular.Just like many of us have a love for certain things, singing, poetry, acting whatever your poison is. First a short story about him.

Vincent was a Christian boy who loved life and school in general,so it was hurting for him that he had to leave school due to financial constraints and he was forced to go work at his uncles Cornelia’s art dealership shop.Where his love for art was realized. He then moved  to London to work at other art dealerships and where he continued to learn, although talented he still had  to refine his skills, in one of the letters he wrote to his younger brother, he said he was fulfilled in his work of painting. He would travel a lot and during this, he would stop by a field and draw what he saw. When I say he would travel don’t think I mean business class trips. I mean,by train with little to eat,coffee and bread on a good day.His love life is another thing, always rejected by the women he pursued, he would run to paint to hide away from the pain. Vincent  hiding all his emotions and feelings caused him to be depressed .As much as he would try to refresh his mind by painting he would still get hurt, he was even admitted at the psychiatric hospital for a while.

900 painting later and he only sold one for 400francs ,Sadly ,two weeks later he died from a self inflicted gun shot wound to the chest.His  brother and friends from the local inn he was living in tried to save him and he refused, he wanted to die because it was his body and after all he can do whatever he wanted.He  even went further ahead to plead with his brother to let him find peace by dying because he had too much pain going on.

Now, to how this life can become yours if your not careful.

Lesson 1.Let go and talk it out. sometimes and especially the men, you decide I’ll close in my emotions because it’s the in thing. To look and appear tough. Then stress catches up sooner or later and your just a walking bitter old woman/man at the age of like 25 not even make up can save your skin appearance because your all wrinkled up from  bitterness. Why not talk it out,personally, thank God for my best friend, iv laughed, cried, experimented on ideas some have worked others failed but I have someone through out the process, life is much easier when you have a friend. Someone you can trust for that matter.

Lesson 2. Go after what you want, in the case of Vincent he wanted to still pursue school but he was forced out to go work at an art dealership now don’t get me wrong, Education is important but in this case he was being forced to go start on his purpose for his life. Once he settled into painting, he was always happy in fact during his painting moments he  was never  depressed. Many people here have that problem called procrastination. That was me at some point.well, I love writing but let’s wait till I get this done that will open the way. Until a friend of mine just said “Joanne, just do the damn blog already and shut up!” Normally I would be like I know you did not just talk to me in that tone but there was a point. Chitty chatty chat chat *Insert Kung fu panda voice is what you are doing, talking too much instead of doing what you love. With or without money, just do it.The rest will fall in place.

Lesson 3. Don’t give up. You have probably heard this one, hold on don’t give up.It always gets tough.Out of 900 paintings he sold one for little money and then he killed himself.Right now he is considered one of the worlds best painters, what would have happened if he just held on a little longer and continued to paint? Would he have tasted the fruits of his labor perhaps? Would he have found true love, a love that is willing to accept him for him? If he were to come back to life right now, how would he feel having cut his life short at 37years and being termed a legend in the world of art? Same thing, you who wants to give up on your dreams, what if tomorrow is the day when you actually get that big break?  No one said it was easy. It never is .You just have to wipe those tears and keep it moving.

Now go forth and slay.

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Mc Jesse’s confessions

Mc Jesse just has to be one of the best comedians we have in Africa, today morning he went ahead and put up a photo of him when he was younger and had just started out.


First, How whats impressive is he does not despise his humble beginnings, despite a time where people don’t want to be associated with their past, he is proud of that, Second he thanks God for how far he has brought him, Third he encourages people out there that it does not matter where you are from, as long as you have the determination, hard work and you can plan, your on the right path towards achieving your dreams, things that Jays bubble is passionate about, Encouraging and steering people in the right direction.

No matter where you are from and what people think of you, Keep your head high and slay.

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Straight outta my heart….#Jayslessons

photoToday I decided to speak straight outta my heart, see what I did there.There are things that we must learn in life either the easy way or the hard way and forgiveness is one of the things I have heard to learn and I did it the hard way, first things first, always keep in mind that people will always hurt you and those that you love the most can end up hurting you the most.

Don’t get me wrong, Its hard to forgive, but only when you decide to confront that heart ache is only when can begin to get a move on in life and start a new chapter, the joy that you get after you have let go is so good, I cannot put it in words.I challenge you to start by telling yourself, Iv forgiven (Jezebel) *Insert the name of whoever hurt you, I called her Jezebel and even when you feel like your still mad keep saying it and saying it, one day you will wake up and you will not care, that’s the first step you will have let go. From here sit down and watch as your life takes shape and moves into a good direction. Don’t care whether they said sorry or not, Forgiveness is not for them, its for you.